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Outbreak the Prequel for the NOSOI Virus Saga, Get it here.

America’s deadliest bio-weapon, the NOSOI Virus, Follow V1-3 of the Chronicles of Ashley Stone

The Chronicles Of Ashley Stone

Now Volumes 1-3 Available, follow our hero's as they face zombie-like infected and other predators in a fight to save their small town...

America’s deadliest bio-weapon, the NOSOI Virus, Follow V1-3 of Strong Will A Warfighters Series

Strong Will Warfighters Series

Strong Will series takes place in Seattle, WA where he and his National Guard unit fight to get back home.. Vol 1, Vol 2 , Vol 3 now available, Vol 4 coming soon. A companion series to the Ashley Stone Chronicles

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We love guns and gear, and who doesn't love good zombie apocalypse books. With years working with all levels of government, law enforcement, and military personnel we strove to weave a series that would capture the reality of what could happen if a military bio-warfare virus was released.  We hope you enjoy the story, Volume 1 in The Chronicles of Ashley Stone, Ashley's Evolution is now available on Amazon.  Read the first 10 chapters for free.  Ashley's Evolution V1-3 now available, so keep in touch with us for updates.  



A Warfighters Tale of the Plague Apocalypse

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The real Ben and Ashley are avid competitive shooters; USPSA, 2-Gun, 3-Gun and IDPA. They also do Schutzhund with Large breed import German Shepherds and work for a large military/LEO provider. Enjoy motorcycles and have a real sense of adventure.  Past that if we told you, we would have to ___, well you know…..


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